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Indonesian ´´SPICE UP THE WORLD´´ programme

31.03.2022 Mr. Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia, and the Indonesian government's ´´INDONESIAN SPICE UP THE WORLD´´ programme opened the first authentic Indonesian restaurant in Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia, at the Hotel Therma. The Indonesian President has launched a programme to boost imports of coffee, tea and spices and introduce Indonesian flavours to the world. The idea behind this programme is to open 4,000 new restaurants around the world. The first in the world to respond to this initiative was Tóth Tihamér Tamás at the Hotel Therma in Dunaszerdahely. Hotel Therma has been working with the Indonesian government for more than 10 years. Among other things, it has been involved in Indonesian massage culture, which has been expanded to include Indonesian culinary options, folklore dance performances and folk music in the restaurant. The restaurant was officially opened by Mr. Dr. Pribadi Sutiono, Ambassador of Indonesia to Slovakia.





A: Gado-gado - Vegetable chicken salad with hazelnut sauce

B: Lumpia-sayur -crunchy vegetable rolls

C:Siomay- Indonesian steamed chicken noodles with vegetables and hazelnut sauce

D: Sate Lilit Spicy catfish skewers with hazelnut sauce


A: Soto-ayam - traditional chicken soup

B: Tom-yum - spicy Asian shrimp and fish soup

C:Rawon - The real Indonesian "black soup" , spicy sweet beef broth

D: Soto Medan - Coconut milk chicken soup, Chef Mateus' speciality

E:Saur Asem Betawi - Indonesian vegetable tamarind soup

Main meals:
A: Bebek-bali - roast duck marinated in spices  

B: Satay Ayam - chicken nuggets fried on bamboo sticks with peanut butter , smoked with a coconut chain

C: Gulai-sapi - exotic beef stew

D: Bihun Goreng - Traditional pasta with rice vermicelli

E: Fish steak with Indonesian spicy paprika rings

A: Dadar-gulung - coconut green pancakes

B: Pisang-goreng -flaming fried bananas

C: Bubur Sumsum - Sweet coconut rice porridge with carmelized bamboo sugar

D:Kolak - Banana manioc and sweet potato in coconut milk

Unlimited consumption from our SUSHI bar.

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