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Oily-Dry massage
Full Body Wraps-Scrubs, Peels
Pamper packages
Ayurveda programme


Oil massages

half an hour simple relaxation oil massage

One-hour simple relaxation oil massage (whole body, except intimate parts)

Half-hour Roman oil massage with optional scented with romantic massage oils.

One-hour oil massage with optional scented romantic massage oils

Half-hour lava stone massage with optional romanian yawn massage oils

Half hour bamboo massage

Exclusive half hour coconut butter massage

Mustard seed eucalyptus anti-inflammatory massage half an hour.

Dry massages:

herbal balls massage heated herbal ball massage half an hour

reflex massage

traditional dry Thai-Balinese massage special stretching massage forty-five minutes

traditional dry Thai-Balinese massage special stretching massage 1:00

traditional dry landscape Balinese massage special stretching massage 2:00

Wrap -Exfoliator -Peeling.

Full body scrubs exfoliation

With aromas to choose according to the time of day:

coffee, vanilla, cypress fruits, lemon, orange suggested in the morning

During the hours below noon: more spicy nature of the aromas and fruits ginger, woodruff, clove mint, eucalyptus, banana, orange, pineapple, coconut.

In the evening we recommend sweetish to the romas and milk based treatments for hydration:

Chocolate, vanilla, rose fragrance, Pangafani fragrance, orhidea llat , lily fragrance.

The body scrub lasts at least 30-60 minutes.

Full body wraps

Yoghurt Chocolate Wrap 1:00 hour

honey ginger wrap 1:00 h

cream vanilla wrap 1:00 h

Mustard seed eucalyptus anti-inflammatory wrap 1:00 h

Coconut butter and banana wrap 1:00 h

During the wraps, the first step is to clean the surface of the body with a dermabrasher, then the cleaned body part is smeared with the wrapping material and left to act for at least 20 minutes, during which time the guest is kept warm in nylon and a warm fleece blanket. Relaxation is compulsory. After 20 minutes, the surface is cleaned with a light draining massage. After the treatment, the guest must be able to provide a shower-cleaning facility.

Pampering packages

Balinese hours in paradise :

30 minutes of pangafani exfoliation

1:00 hour warm coconut butter full body massage

1:00 honey ginger full body wrap

Indonesian spell

30 min coffee rice scrub

30 minutes reflex foot massage

1:00 fruity mustard oil full body wrap

According to the needs of the established clientele, any complex package offer can be attractive for the consumer, so I recommend each unit to prepare at least one or two packages. Experience has shown that gift vouchers are also welcome.

Other special options Ayurveda programme

Head chakra (crown and third eye) cleansing, head reflex massage.

Head massage with drops of heated oil on the forehead chakra.

Haar Spa

The guest's scalp is massaged and a flower petal pampering wrap is prepared, giving the guest a reflex head massage and a flower petal vitamin E hair wrap the massage lasts about 20 minutes the wrap lasts another 15 minutes plus preparation plus a final hair wash a total of 45 minutes.

-As the 2 above mentioned treatments are completed by washing the scalp it is essential to use a hairdresser's hair brushing chair, both 2 wraps are completed by a vitamin E hair massage