Join our restaurant franchise system !!!

Join our franchise system!

In the 21st century, the difficult economic challenges have led to an increasing number of franchise systems.

For example MCDonalds , KFC , Burgerking , Diego , Tesco , Benu,...

A larger number of entrepreneurs are realizing that by networking they can ask for better terms from suppliers to optimize their operations. As a member of the Sumatra franchise system, you can benefit from Indonesian government subsidies through embassies as part of a central government project. Indonesia Spice Up the World 2022 Joco Widodo president . Indonesia | Spice Up the World BKPM That's why we created the Sumatra fine dining hotel restaurant franchise system.

Join our dynamic and growing team so you can enjoy the benefits of operating a franchise network system.

More flexibility to source better goods through the head office

supplier discounts are higher when all members buy through the centre

special hard-to-find raw materials can be easily sourced centrally, any stock shortages can be more easily optimised due to members' stock levels.

greater marketing potential as franchise members advertise regionally, the head office nationally, at European level the same as you do, so you can achieve greater advertising results - national advertising, visibility - with less advertising expenditure.

you don't need to spend large amounts of money to build your own branding, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the network.

The network operators are in constant contact with each other, so you can always have up-to-date information about your customers' consumption habits, and better promotions can lead to better results.

We won't leave you alone in your operational difficulties, together we can solve your problems with more ideas.

Contact us and be part of the success!

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