en-Dawet (Indonesian cocktail)


Dawet is an ice-cold Indonesian flavour bomb made up of special ingredients. Our cocktail can taste salty at first, then gradually intensifies the sweet flavours. We can even teach you how to make it in our restaurant.

Ingredients: rice flour, corn starch, pandan leaves, salt, palm sugar, coconut milk, chia seeds, tapioca pearls, berries


Mix rice flour and water, then boil water in which salt and pandan leaves are added. In the boiling water, cook the rice flour paste to a dough-like consistency and then put it in cold water. This is how the green jelly balls are created. Then the tapioca pearls are cooked with berries to make the red jelly beans. Then we make a syrup from palm sugar and hot water. Pour the syrup into the bottom of the glass, place a layer of jelly beads, sprinkle green jelly beads on top, top with coconut milk and top with chia seeds. Garnish the cocktail with pineapple.

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